100 wc week 33

                                The strange fruit 

In one of my favorite fairy tale story about a magic fruit. The fruit is green and has spikes everywhere. It gives you magical powers. Today was a sunny day so I decided to have a walk in the woods. I climbed on one off my favourite cliffs-the one that has the river view. Then I spotted something green on the ground which was not far away. It was a fruit like in the fairy tale! Could it be that fruit? What would happen if I ate it?…


Week#33-100 word challenge- Ngo Tho Quang

A monster from the jungle

In the book of American history book, there was a story telling about a spiky monster who lived in the jungle. Its spike can squirt out a liquid that can hypnotized you. On a sunny day, a kid called Harry went on a adventure in the jungle. After exploring it for an hour, he reach to a very tall tree. He decided to climb up to see where he was. When he couldn’t believe in his eyes, he was seeing a spiky fruit just like in the story in the American history book. He ran home to tell everyone but no one believed him.

100WC-week 32- Pham Ngoc Linh, 6A1, HNTL

Joe wants to be a professional biologist so he came to a scientist’s house. That scientist is good. The scientist tells him everything he knows about biology. He also takes him to some forest. One day, that scientist sicks. He let his assistant teaches him. But he talks too fast. Joe can’t understand the instructions! One day later, the scientist feels good again. He has a test for Joe. The contents of the test are all about his last lesson. ” Did you focus on the last lesson?” he asks. “Yes! but I didn’t understand the instructions of the last lesson!”

by Pham Ngoc Linh, 6A1, Hanoi Thanglong, Hanoi, Vietnam.

100 wc week 32

But I didn’t understand the instructions!”. Professor Slander (head of Slytherin house) glared at me and said  “You stupid girl, how very wrong you are. Ten points from Gryffindor. No arguments!”. I tried to argue so I got detention. Potions was my least favourite subject. My detention was cleaning the trophy room atores  nine o’clock sharp with NO MAGIC! I’m not so good at muggle chores so it took me til midnight to do all of it because I usually get this detention. After this, I went to Hagrid’s hut to have tea with Luke and Harry (my best friends).

100WC-week 31- Nguyen Hoang Vo, 7A1, HNTL

Emily turned out to be a good, yet slightly grave and pessimistic, companion. She taught me many things about Fair, including how to cross the pass. She said that if I wanted to become the ruler, I needed to visit the oldest palace in the world which há the blood lake across the pass in the Misty Forests.

“Halt!” A voice behind us shouted. “I am Jesu and I command you to halt!”

I frantically searched for an exit, but Emily pulled me behind a column. “She can’t see us. She’ll walk right by.”

Soon we can see lots of strange animals and …

by Nguyen Hoang Vo, 7A1, Hanoi Thanglong, Hanoi, Vietnam.