Week 26- Nguyen Hoang Vo, 7A1, 100WC

There is an abandoned amusement park. There is an old man named Bill Gates. He wants the place to be more bustling. So, he decided to meet Zeus. Bill Gates climbed the tallest mountain in the world and shouted. He waited but it was hopeless. Suddenly a bright yellow light flashes. Zeus appears. He tells Zeus of his dream: “His dream is strange.” Zeus said. Then, Zeus held up the stick and everything was like Bill Gates wanted. He was very happy and felt lucky even though it was April Fool’s Day

100WC-week 26- Pham Ngoc Linh, 6A1, HNTL

There was a very dry land. There was a girl named Mionne. Mionne wanted her land to become pretty. So, she decided to meet the goddess. Mionne climbed the hill and prayed. She waited but it was hopeless. Suddenly, a tiny yellow shiny light appeared. Then, it was brighter. The goddess appeared. She told her all about her dream.” Your dream is a good dream.” she said. Then, she held the thin sceptre and the water appeared from the hill, the land was full of plants,…Mionne was happy. Mionne decided to speak to her but the goddess disappeared.

by Pham Ngoc Linh, 6A1, Hanoi Thanglong, Hanoi, Vietnam.

100WC-week 25- Nguyen Hoang Vo, 7A1, HNTL

There was a new student named Tom at Oxford school. He looks very weird: with one hand, big head. But he played very well with one hand. On Halloween night, he was founded lying on a tree 10 meters high, but strange that he has no head. The headmaster panicked “But how did he get up there?” and he called the police. But when the police arrived, he disappeared. Is that an alien?

by Nguyen Hoang Vo, 7A1, Hanoi Thanglong, Hanoi, Vietnam.

100WC-week 25- Pham Ngoc Linh, 6A1, HNTL

There is an invention fair in a school. Every student is thinking about their invention. A boy name Barry is confused. ” What should I do ?” he thinks. And then, he has an idea. In the invention fair, there are many machines. The principal is the one who checks the students’ machine. Who has the greatest machine will win. Its Barry’s turn, but the principal doesn’t see him there. He’s on the roof! ” But how did he get up there?” he thought. “This is my invention. It is faster than the speed of sound”. He is the winner.

by Pham Ngoc Linh, 6A1, Hanoi Thanglong, Hanoi, Vietnam.

100 wc week 25

Amy was walking in the woods. She walked for a few minutes then she heard me crying for help.She looked up and saw me dangling from a branch high up. I guess Amy was asking herself “That’s really strange but how did she get up there?“. She called the police and they came not long afterwards. They got me down with the ladder of a helicopter. The truth was I was chasing a squirrel that got the ring my mum let me borrow. Amy had saved me. I could have broken my neck if she hadn’t been there.