100 wc week 25

Amy was walking in the woods. She walked for a few minutes then she heard me crying for help.She looked up and saw me dangling from a branch high up. I guess Amy was asking herself “That’s really strange but how did she get up there?“. She called the police and they came not long afterwards. They got me down with the ladder of a helicopter. The truth was I was chasing a squirrel that got the ring my mum let me borrow. Amy had saved me. I could have broken my neck if she hadn’t been there.

Week#25-100 word challenge- Ngo Tho Quang

A trick to the police on April fool

It was a beautiful April fool, on state highway number 1 people gathered to a billboard to see. There was a man sitting on top of it. One of them called the police and 5 minutes later, half a dozen of police cars showed up. They got a loudspeaker and told the man to get down but he just looked up at the sky. After trying that, they called a helicopter to get the guy down. They were surprised because the man wasn’t a real person at all. He was a fake person but how did he get up there? There wasn’t a ladder at the pole of the billboard. From what I know, they haven’t answered how the person put the fake person up there yet.

100WC-week 24- Pham Ngoc Linh, 6A1, HNTL

There was many giant live in the heaven. One day, they had a tea party. All the giants bring the most beautiful cup they have. They put them on a table. They start the party by telling the story behind their cup. The first one said her cup was a birthday gift…The queen was the last one who told the story. She said that this was her husband’s gift. But when the queen started to drink, she dropped her cup. Her pretty cup was plug into the ground, forming a weird building has a shape of a cup.

by Pham Ngoc Linh, 6A1, Hanoi Thanglong, Hanoi, Vietnam.

100 wc week 24

My eyes were blurry. I was dreaming strange things I wasn’t meant to be dreaming.  The dream had this giant figure in somewhere that looked like the park near my house. It made me feel faint. It looked like a giant teacup digging into to the ground. It looked like it was digging for some green tea. I was extremely scared. Am I in a dream? I got up and touched it… Boom! I woke up all sweaty. I ran to the park and the teacup wasn’t there but instead, there was loads of teacup. It was the teacup festival.

Week#24-100 word challenge- Ngo Tho Quang

A weird find

It was a beautiful Monday, the archaeologist was digging up some in England when the enormous digging machine came. In no time, the area was all dug. It kept digging until it hit something hard. The archaeologist started digging with the shovel. When they were finished, they were surprised because it was a giant teapot made from ceramic. The archeologist asked each other what to do and one of them said:

” This is too heavy to bring to a museum, let’s leave it here and make it a tourist attraction.”

They all agreed and that’s why it’s there now.