100 wc week 21

Give you a hint to catch up: witches and wizards around the world and I’m one of them. I’m Alexander in Gryffindor house. At Hogwarts we learn things like Muggle Studies, Shadow Prevention, Herbology, Charms, Magical Creatures Care and more. One day, I was walking in the Forbidden Forest when there were seven strange things. I was really scared but it turned out to be seven statues made out of sticks.¬†I told¬†professor Minerva McGonagall. She said that they were just statues. After that, lots of people wanted to find them but no one found them.

One thought on “100 wc week 21”

  1. It was good how you set the scene by explaining who the main character is, and the setting. Most readers would have a much better picture of the scene from this information. I could see this story going much further as you tell stories of people trying to find the statues. There could be lots of adventures.

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