100 wc week 25

Amy was walking in the woods. She walked for a few minutes then she heard me crying for help.She looked up and saw me dangling from a branch high up. I guess Amy was asking herself “That’s really strange but how did she get up there?“. She called the police and they came not long afterwards. They got me down with the ladder of a helicopter. The truth was I was chasing a squirrel that got the ring my mum let me borrow. Amy had saved me. I could have broken my neck if she hadn’t been there.

3 thoughts on “100 wc week 25”

  1. Well done on writing such an engaging story. It is very clever that you managed to give all the details in only 100 words. I like that you have used some interesting verbs – such as dangling.
    School Teacher New Zealand

  2. Great story Anh! I really like the way you added yourself as the story teller after making the reader think it was written in the 3rd person. Very clever!

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