100 wc week 8

Last night I had a weird dream. In the dream, I met a white alien who could shoot blue flames out of his mouth, he could also travel to the future. I was very surprised, I asked him if I could see my friend birthday party tomorrow so he took me there. She  celebrated her party at her house. Her party was big but there were only 5 people. There were lot of muffins, candy bar, jelly,… After the party her dad drove us to the swimming pool. We swam with each other. I woke up the next day felling exited

One thought on “100 wc week 8”

  1. Anhngo,
    What a crazy alien. I love that you chose to see your friend in the future instead of thinking of only yourself. That was very nice. Sounds like an awesome party!! Keep up the great writing.
    Mrs Long, St Charles IL 100wc

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