100WC-flame,  swimming,  celebrated, white, tomorrow

On my last birthday, I celebrated my birthday at the swimming pool. My favorite birthday present was a white gun with real bullets. After my birthday, my friends went to my house, played a computer game called Minecraft and it is a multiplayer game. When I was building a tree house, one of my friends accidentally used flint and steel and my house was in flame. After my house was burned, we all went on the same world and built an enormous house and some of the house was underwater because we wanted it to be a room like an aquarium. Tomorrow is my birthday, I am going to celebrate it at the park. I hope it will be as fun as my last birthday.

One thought on “100WC-flame,  swimming,  celebrated, white, tomorrow”

  1. Hi Quang,

    A really nice story! This is a really good piece of description about celebrations and birthdays. I can relate to this as I remember how much fun having friends round for birthdays is. Even if you’re not doing much, it is always better with friends there. You also give a really good account of Minecraft! I don’t play myself, but know people who do, and from the sounds of it you gave a really realistic depiction. Keep up the good work!

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