100WC – Week 10, Dang Minh Duc, 4A1,

Now, air has seriously polluted because of smoke from traffic and factories in big cities. How can we protect the fresh air? We must have fresh air for our lives but where would we hide all it? To be honest, we can not hide the air and it can not be moved. We have to make the air fresher by growing trees, using public transportation, reducing air emission from factories in cities. It means that we can create great places in cities to keep unpolluted air. So, the air is the thing we have to protect and make it fresh.


By Dang Minh Duc, 4A1, Hanoi Thanglong School, Hanoi, Vietnam

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  1. Dang,
    Clean air is something so important, and you are so right, we can’t just hide it, we all have to work together to reduce pollutants and clean up the air we have. Great writing.

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