100WC-week 11- Tran Minh Ngoc, 5A1, HNTL

Yesterday, I went for a picnic with my family in the forest. When I was walking alone in the forest, I saw a strange statue. I wondered that why he hadn’t got a face, hadn’t got head and legs. But I didn’t just think that. I wanted to know he was a statue or a person. So, I asked: “Who are you?” He didn’t answer. I asked again and louder: “Who are you?” Then he answered: “Hello, I’m a death. Nice to meet you. Do you want to be like me?” He was a death. I was afraid then. I didn’t want to be like him. I ran away. He didn’t follow me. He just stood there and laughed. I ran to my parents and told them the story. “Daughter, you’re imagining. That’s not true. Don’t be so worrying!” They said. They didn’t believe me, but they still happy because I was safe. I promise that I will never go deep into the forest again.

by Tran Minh Ngoc, 5A1, Hanoi Thanglong, Hanoi, Vietnam­