100WC-week 21- Nguyen Hoang Vo, 7A1, HNTL

At that time there was a land of knights of a powerful kingdom. They are very lazy practice and all day playing only. Now on top of that high mountain there is a wicked sorcerer squad training hard to win the kingdom. And the day has come, the navy corps quickly captured the kingdom. Sorcerer’s army captured the kingdom for 300 years. But it is increasingly weakened. On the last day the king of the sorcerers set up models made of roots and cast into it. Whoever touches will die.

by Nguyen Hoang Vo, 7A1, Hanoi Thanglong, Hanoi, Vietnam.

One thought on “100WC-week 21- Nguyen Hoang Vo, 7A1, HNTL”

  1. Hi Nguyen,

    I loved how you used describing words and that really helped me imagine your story.have you ever seen a castle.There is one in Illinois its called midevil times and you can go there to see people on horses ”fight”.One thing you could improve apon would be to put in so trasitions because it was kind of choppy

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