100WC-week 25- Pham Ngoc Linh, 6A1, HNTL

There is an invention fair in a school. Every student is thinking about their invention. A boy name Barry is confused. ” What should I do ?” he thinks. And then, he has an idea. In the invention fair, there are many┬ámachines. The principal is the one who checks the students’ machine. Who has the greatest machine will win. Its Barry’s turn, but the principal doesn’t see him there. He’s on the roof! ” But how did he get up there?” he thought. “This is my invention. It is faster than the speed of sound”. He is the winner.

by Pham Ngoc Linh, 6A1, Hanoi Thanglong, Hanoi, Vietnam.

One thought on “100WC-week 25- Pham Ngoc Linh, 6A1, HNTL”

  1. Hi Ngoc,
    I think your story was very cool. But how would speed manage to get up on a roof. Also the story went to quick. But overall I think your story was great. What do you want to work on next time? Maybe cool words to start a sentence.

    Happy Writing
    From Liam in Illinois

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