100WC-Week 8, Le Minh Thu, 3A2, HNTL

In the forest, there is a beautiful princess. She always help other people. One day, she said to her mum:
-I need to be free.
Her mum said:
-No, you’re ten years old, you can’t get free.
The princess said:
-But mum…
Her mum said next:
The princess very angry . The next day, when she was swimming in the swimming pool, she escape from the castle.
On the road, she meet a frog and she ask:
-What’s the road, to go to the fairy house?
The frog say:
-The road is over there! But why do you ask me?
The princess say:
-Er… Tomorrow,I need a help to get free.
The frog say:
-Can I help you?
The princess say:
When she was going to the fairy house. She can see a big flame in a house, but that’s very dangerous .Yet she is brave and she save people in the house .The frog said:
-You are a supper girl.
In the evening, the princess and the frog is already to seek the fairy house. And they go inside, the princess say:
-Where’s the fairy?
The frog say:
The princess run inside the bedroom and the the princess see an actress very celebranted on the internet.
-But where’s the fairy? The princess says.
– It’s me the actress say.
The princess told the fairy why she’s here and the actress said:
– Aha! You can’t do it and you go to your house and sorry your mum.
The princess and her mum then live happily together.


By Le Minh Thu, 3A2, Hanoi Thanglong School