100WC, Week 9, Dang Minh Duc, 4A1, HNTL

This picture is a corner of a luxurious street in London with colorful lights on high buildings in the evening. It may be 7 o’ clock and there are a lot of people on the street. Do you see the shadows of some people? Do you think they are ghosts? Don’t worry! They are people but they go fast so the camera not caught up. Now it is the end of the autumn and Christmas is coming. So the weather is quite cold, people are wearing sweaters, coats, high boots. They are going for a walk or going shopping to buy things for Christmas. There are also several small shops on the road. They sell street food, fruit and clothes. Although, it is cold outside, they are very happy.


By Dang Minh Duc 4A1, Hanoi Thanglong School, Hanoi, Vietnam