100WC – Week#10’18- Ngo Tho Quang

An abandoned treasure

Once there was a very bad gang and one day, they went into an old and scary castle. When they went in the castle,  they saw a sparkling room. They went into the room and the first thing they saw was a chest of treasure. It was an abandoned treasure chest shinning as bright as stars in the sky. They took it out of the castle when they heard the police coming, the leader of the gang said: ” Quick, let’s hide this chest. ” But his gang replies: ” But where should we hide them all? ” Then they drag it to the back of the castle and buried it in a deep hole they found. After they finish putting it in the hole, they went to the front of the castle but they were caught by the police. The police asked why are they here so they explained everything that has happened and they showed the treasure box. The police were very surprised because it was the stolen treasure from the museum last week. He gave them a badge for their help and the gang decide to be a good group of people.


By Ngo Tho Quang, 6A, Hanoi Thanglong School, Hanoi, Vietnam