100WC-week8, Pham Ngoc Linh, 6a1, HNTL

Tomorrow, the UK will celebrate Bonfire Night, the festival of fireworks. The sky will be very colorful and fantastic with many color like red, blue, white, green,…just like a wonderful light show in the sky. People will be very happy because the night will not dark any more and they all take part in the Bonfire Night. Indians also has a festival call Diwali. In this festival, they decorate everything with candles and lights. The city are great, isn’t it? When the light everywhere, the water where the fish are swimming will shining. It will make the festival more pretty. Bonfire Night and Diwali festival are the festivals of flame, fire, light and colorful fireworks!

By Pham Ngoc Linh, 6a1, 100WC-week8

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  1. Great job incorporating the five words into your 100wc post this week, Pham! I found your post interesting. The best part of your post is the vivid description of how colorful the sky becomes during the festival of fireworks. I could see it in my mind. Well done!

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