100WC-Week8, Tran Minh Ngoc, 5A1, HNTL

One nice morning, Maika was walking in her garden with a beautiful white dress. Suddenly, she heard something noisy:” There was a flame, there was a flame”. She saw one house with a big flame and many people were running toward that house. It’s Mai’s house, her best friend. Maika ran very fast to that house and fell into the swimming pool in the garden. And she … “Maika, wakes up” her mother says. “It’s time for school”. Maika wakes up and tells her mother about her dream. She is very happy because the dream is not alive. Maika know tomorrow is Mai’s birthday and the birthday party will be celebrated in the evening and Maika will prepare a special gift to celebrate her birthday.

By Tran Minh Ngoc, 5A1, 100WC-Week8