Week#25-100 word challenge- Ngo Tho Quang

A trick to the police on April fool

It was a beautiful April fool, on state highway number 1 people gathered to a billboard to see. There was a man sitting on top of it. One of them called the police and 5 minutes later, half a dozen of police cars showed up. They got a loudspeaker and told the man to get down but he just looked up at the sky. After trying that, they called a helicopter to get the guy down. They were surprised because the man wasn’t a real person at all. He was a fake person but how did he get up there? There wasn’t a ladder at the pole of the billboard. From what I know, they haven’t answered how the┬áperson put the fake person up there yet.

3 thoughts on “Week#25-100 word challenge- Ngo Tho Quang”

  1. Good story and I like how you said that they haven’t answered the question yet but when you said that it wasn’t a real person and then you said it was a fake person so in the end you ended up using person twice but otherwise it was a really good story.

  2. Fantastic, I like the way you said fake man. And I was confused how he got up there. Fantastic.

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