100WC-week 12- Pham Ngoc Linh, 6A1, HNTL

Arthur’s dream
Arthur is a boy who lives in Africa. He is English but his family was moving house a long time ago. Arthur always dreams about one place which has a lot of snow. He thinks about it,… he wants to see white snows. One day, his aunt’s told him to come to New York. When he came to New York, he was very surprised. “I can see the snow!” His dream came true. Hurried! Let’s eat the sandwichs together”. He was so energetic like he was charged the battery. But,… he was realised: the happiest dream is family.

by Pham Ngoc Linh, 6A1, Hanoi Thanglong, Hanoi, Vietnam­

Week#12’18 – 100 word challange – Ngo Tho Quang

An unlucky day

It was a beautiful Sunday when Lucas was making sandwiches for their class because tomorrow his class is having a party and everyone has to bring a plate of food. After finishing making them, Lucas called Jimmy over because he wanted Jimmy to try his sandwiches but when he hit the call button, he realized that his phone’s battery was flat. The screen first went white, and then it turned black. Lucas decided to bring the sandwiches to Jimmy by hand so he rushed to Jimmy’s house and on the way back, the energetic wind blew into Lucas’s face and it started raining. Lucas hurried home but he was too slow and he got soaking wet. When he got home, he got a fever and now he can’t go to school tomorrow. What will Lucas do with the sandwiches?

100WC-week 11- Tran Minh Ngoc, 5A1, HNTL

Yesterday, I went for a picnic with my family in the forest. When I was walking alone in the forest, I saw a strange statue. I wondered that why he hadn’t got a face, hadn’t got head and legs. But I didn’t just think that. I wanted to know he was a statue or a person. So, I asked: “Who are you?” He didn’t answer. I asked again and louder: “Who are you?” Then he answered: “Hello, I’m a death. Nice to meet you. Do you want to be like me?” He was a death. I was afraid then. I didn’t want to be like him. I ran away. He didn’t follow me. He just stood there and laughed. I ran to my parents and told them the story. “Daughter, you’re imagining. That’s not true. Don’t be so worrying!” They said. They didn’t believe me, but they still happy because I was safe. I promise that I will never go deep into the forest again.

by Tran Minh Ngoc, 5A1, Hanoi Thanglong, Hanoi, Vietnam­

100WC-week 11- Nguyen Hoang Vo, 7A1, HNTL

Lots of people said it is the statue of the Dead, who saw it they will die a few days later. That is superstitious and mythical for me. I thought it was just a mysterious bronze statue to attract tourists. It looks mysterious to makes everyone scary and tremendous, so it will have attention of the public . The statue made only to increases profits for the park . Many superstitious people believe in the mystery of death will come here to visit and take photos.That make the park will more famous. In my opinion, the park manager is very clever.

by Nguyen Hoang Vo, 7A1, Hanoi Thanglong, Hanoi, Vietnam­

100WC-week 11- Dang Minh Duc, 4A1, HNTL

This picture is about the statue of the Death. What do you think? This statue is laid in the park with the purpose to attract the tourists to visit and take photos. The Death is commonly called as the Grim Reaper in the Western culture. He wears a large black blouse, does not let people see his face and hides his hands inside. The Death is known as the disaster that causes the victim’s death by coming to gather them. When people recall “The Death”, which means horror and awfulness are coming. Especially, the image of “the Death” is used in horror films to create the dramatic climax for movies.

by Dang Minh Duc, 4A1, Hanoi Thanglong, Hanoi, Vietnam­