100WC-Week 8, Le Minh Thu, 3A2, HNTL

In the forest, there is a beautiful princess. She always help other people. One day, she said to her mum:
-I need to be free.
Her mum said:
-No, you’re ten years old, you can’t get free.
The princess said:
-But mum…
Her mum said next:
The princess very angry . The next day, when she was swimming in the swimming pool, she escape from the castle.
On the road, she meet a frog and she ask:
-What’s the road, to go to the fairy house?
The frog say:
-The road is over there! But why do you ask me?
The princess say:
-Er… Tomorrow,I need a help to get free.
The frog say:
-Can I help you?
The princess say:
When she was going to the fairy house. She can see a big flame in a house, but that’s very dangerous .Yet she is brave and she save people in the house .The frog said:
-You are a supper girl.
In the evening, the princess and the frog is already to seek the fairy house. And they go inside, the princess say:
-Where’s the fairy?
The frog say:
The princess run inside the bedroom and the the princess see an actress very celebranted on the internet.
-But where’s the fairy? The princess says.
– It’s me the actress say.
The princess told the fairy why she’s here and the actress said:
– Aha! You can’t do it and you go to your house and sorry your mum.
The princess and her mum then live happily together.


By Le Minh Thu, 3A2, Hanoi Thanglong School

100WC-Week8, Tran Minh Ngoc, 5A1, HNTL

One nice morning, Maika was walking in her garden with a beautiful white dress. Suddenly, she heard something noisy:” There was a flame, there was a flame”. She saw one house with a big flame and many people were running toward that house. It’s Mai’s house, her best friend. Maika ran very fast to that house and fell into the swimming pool in the garden. And she … “Maika, wakes up” her mother says. “It’s time for school”. Maika wakes up and tells her mother about her dream. She is very happy because the dream is not alive. Maika know tomorrow is Mai’s birthday and the birthday party will be celebrated in the evening and Maika will prepare a special gift to celebrate her birthday.

By Tran Minh Ngoc, 5A1, 100WC-Week8

100 WC Week 8, Dang Minh Duc 4A1, HNTL

Do you know? The fifth of November is Celebrate Bonfire Night. It’s also know as Fireword’s Night or Guy Fawkes’s Night. In this day, people wear costume; I think it is pirates’s costume because their hat has a white skill. They walk on the street with a stic on top the stick is flame. Today is 4th November so tomorrow is 5th November, all people must prepare for that day.I think 75% this day people make a bonefire and stand around it. One thing I don’t know is the fire is hot, why they don’t go swimming after that.

By  Dang Minh Duc 4A1, 100 WC Week 8

100WC-week8, Pham Ngoc Linh, 6a1, HNTL

Tomorrow, the UK will celebrate Bonfire Night, the festival of fireworks. The sky will be very colorful and fantastic with many color like red, blue, white, green,…just like a wonderful light show in the sky. People will be very happy because the night will not dark any more and they all take part in the Bonfire Night. Indians also has a festival call Diwali. In this festival, they decorate everything with candles and lights. The city are great, isn’t it? When the light everywhere, the water where the fish are swimming will shining. It will make the festival more pretty. Bonfire Night and Diwali festival are the festivals of flame, fire, light and colorful fireworks!

By Pham Ngoc Linh, 6a1, 100WC-week8

100WC-Week8, Võ Thái An, 4A1, HNTL

Many many years ago, there was a beautiful girl, Sara Crew. She had a hollow flame hair. She was shy but friendly. One awful night, she saw a white ghost of Guy Fawkes. She woke up and turned on the light and screamed. “Mom, come to help” she shouted. Her mom came to sleep with her. In her dream, she saw the ghost again and he was swimming across the lake to attack her and all people was celebrated around. She suddenly woke up, she remembered that tomorrow was the Bonfire Night.

By Võ Thái An, 4A1, Hanoi Thanglong, 100WC-Week8