Week 15, Linh, Hanoi Thanglong

In the beginning, there was a little dog who loves to come to the forest. One day, he went to the forest and he saw a lion. The lion said: “I will eat you”. The dog was very scared but he has an idea. He said to the lion “Hey! Let me dance this moves. But please just bring me a bell, then you can eat me”. The lion brings him the bell and he started to dance with the music. But the farmer was heard that noise so he came and beat the lion to save the dog

Pham Ngoc Linh, 6A1, Hanoi Thanglong School, Hanoi, Vietnam.

Week#15 – 100 word challenge – Ngo Tho Quang

The broken plan

On the day before April fools, I tried to make a plan to fool my friend who fooled me on last year’s April fool. In the beginning, I thought of putting my tooth paste into the Oreos in my top shelf cupboard. I knew that my friend like Oreos. That night, I laughed so hard. I knew that my friend will get fooled but this happened. On April fools, I brought some Oreos to school and gave it to my friend. He was very happy but he gave it to his friend first before eating it. When his friend ate it, he laughed a lot and he said that he was the one who made the trick. I was very mad at him and he will get revenge from me next April fool.

Quang Ngo, Grade 6, Hanoi Thanglong School, Hanoi, Vietnam

100 wc week 15_Anh-Hanoi Thanglong-Grade 5

It was a nice sunny morning so my family went to the beach to look for shells because I have a collection  of shells. In the beginning of the day, we pick loads of shells.There were all sorts of them. Auger, Abalone, Babylon, Bonet, Clam, Conch, Cone, Cowrie, Drupe, Egg, Fig,… Today I found 9 new types. They are Harp, Helmet, Limpet, Melon, Melongina, Mitre,  Murex, Nautilidae and Turbo. They are so beautiful! Then it was time to go home. The worse thing of all is my mum making me write about today’s trip in my diary 3 pages long.

Anh Ngo, Hanoi Thanglong School, Grade 5

100 wc week 14-Anh-HNTL

My family has just bought a new baboon as a family pet. I got to name him because it was my idea to have a family pet. I named him Fred. he was a big mess in the house.If you’re a guest, you will probably think that my house has just blown up. The paper is all over the floor, toys are lying on the ground, … Fred pushed the new laptop mum had bought for my birthday off the table yesterday. The laptop got a big scratch on the side. After that, he went back to the pet shop.

Anh Ngo, Grade 5, Hanoi Thanglong School, Hanoi, Vietnam

100WC-week 14- Nguyen Hoang Vo, 7A1, HNTL

In the past, there was a very big company in the US, this company was very good business and was invested by many investors for the company. It was the company that produced the rubik was a smart monkey operating. There was a new employee coming to work and it was a dog. This dog forgets everything so the company suffered a heavy loss and the company was about to go bankrupt. The monkey was very angry. He pushed the machine. its down to earth and cursed dog: “You are a useless ferry never let me see you again”.

by Nguyen Hoang Vo, 7A1, Hanoi Thanglong, Hanoi, Vietnam.