Week#12’18 – 100 word challange – Ngo Tho Quang

An unlucky day

It was a beautiful Sunday when Lucas was making sandwiches for their class because tomorrow his class is having a party and everyone has to bring a plate of food. After finishing making them, Lucas called Jimmy over because he wanted Jimmy to try his sandwiches but when he hit the call button, he realized that his phone’s battery was flat. The screen first went white, and then it turned black. Lucas decided to bring the sandwiches to Jimmy by hand so he rushed to Jimmy’s house and on the way back, the energetic wind blew into Lucas’s face and it started raining. Lucas hurried home but he was too slow and he got soaking wet. When he got home, he got a fever and now he can’t go to school tomorrow. What will Lucas do with the sandwiches?

One thought on “Week#12’18 – 100 word challange – Ngo Tho Quang”

  1. Hi Ngo Tho Quang!
    I’m sorry for Lucas: he has got a fever and can’t go to his Class Party! And he must be a very good friend, as he walked to his friend’s house just to share his scrumptious sandwiches.
    Perhaps Lukas’s Mum could freeze the sandwiches and wait until Jimmy finished his school day and came by Lukas’s house to visit him. Then she could heat them in the oven and they will be brand new again!
    Congratulations for your beautiful story.
    I’m teacher Ines, from Portugal (Team 100)

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