Week#15 – 100 word challenge – Ngo Tho Quang

The broken plan

On the day before April fools, I tried to make a plan to fool my friend who fooled me on last year’s April fool. In the beginning, I thought of putting my tooth paste into the Oreos in my top shelf cupboard. I knew that my friend like Oreos. That night, I laughed so hard. I knew that my friend will get fooled but this happened. On April fools, I brought some Oreos to school and gave it to my friend. He was very happy but he gave it to his friend first before eating it. When his friend ate it, he laughed a lot and he said that he was the one who made the trick. I was very mad at him and he will get revenge from me next April fool.

Quang Ngo, Grade 6, Hanoi Thanglong School, Hanoi, Vietnam