Week#17-100 word challenge- Ngo Tho Quang

A weird thing in the lagoon

Yesterday, I went to my friend house in the afternoon but before that, in the morning, something happend. It was a beautiful Sunday, I looked on the clock and it said 8 o’clock. I still have lots of time left and I saw the post man cycled past my house. That gave me an idea. Maybe, I could go cycling. I took my red bike out of the garage and I drove around the laggon. The sign on the side of the lagoon said there was no snake but when I rode through the tree, there was a snake and I rode my bike straight to the police station and told the police about what I saw but they ignore me and they said that I was losing my mind. I couldn’t belive that a police wouldn’t hear me and when I went to my friends house, he also laughed at me. I was very angry.