Week#21-100 word challenge- Ngo Tho Quang

An unbelievable able story

As two UH-60L was hovering above the Amazon, they saw a field of grass that has little spots. One of the pilots looked down with his telescope and saw that it was something weird. They reported to control tower and they got permission to decrease their height. When they saw that it was walking sticks. The stick started throwing sticks at the helicopters and one of the stick hit a helicopter. The pilot was so freaked out that they flew straight to the airport without asking for permission. After that, lots of people wanted to find the walking sticks but no one found it.

One thought on “Week#21-100 word challenge- Ngo Tho Quang”

  1. To Quang
    I liked your post because you did it difrently then other people post things that I could of thought of but I would have never in one million years. Next time maby more detail.
    From Finlay

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